A group steal water from a London Marathon drink station..

This video earlier uploaded on social media shows a group of looters in Deptford South East London stealing bottled water which was intended to be used by the marathon runners.

Hugh Brasher, Event Director for London Marathon Events Ltd, said: ‚It’s very disappointing to see water being stolen in this way from the official water stations for our runners‘
‚These water stations are staffed by volunteers and we are very grateful to them for their work on Race Day.

‚We always brief our volunteers not to get into altercations if this kind of thing happens. We’ll investigate this further.‘

Kommentare bei Youtube darunter:

1. Untermenschen!

2. O vey. Why the racist white Man filming this. What is wrong with you. England need strong diversity!!!!

3. Ahhh our multiculturalism it’s what makes England great.

4. Utter dog shit living in my country

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