Geschichten aus Indien

Regelmäßig lese ich Geschichten aus Indien, rund um das Thema Sexismus gegen Männer.

In der heutigen Geschichte, muß sich ein Mann (Kanishk Sinha) beschimpfen lassen, weil er nicht umgehend seinen „berth“ (wohl Schlafplatz) an eine Frau abtreten wollte. Es wurde gedroht bei der feministischen Notrufnummer anzurufen und ihn aus dem Zug zu werfen.

A month back, I was travelling from Delhi to Pune by train. Fortunately, I was able to score a side lower seat in the AC coach.

As most of you might relate, I was ecstatic that I had a comfortable seat for the long journey that lay ahead. Euphoria caught me all of a sudden as I saw a pretty girl, aging somewhere around 23, come to my berth. She had a Adidas duffle bag and wore a basketball jersey with her number printed on the back. She checked the seat number and sat beside me. Her berth was side upper.

As the train moved, she got up and went up to the TTE who had just entered our coach. Judging by her body language and a couple of ‘please’ that I caught, she seemed to be asking for a favour. She ended the talks with the TTE, returned and sat quitely beside me.

TTE = Train Ticket Examiner, Fahrkartenkontrolleur. Bei dem hat sie wohl schöne Kulleraugen gemacht.

A couple of minutes later, TTE came to my berth and asked for the ticket. I obliged and presented him with one. He mumbled something and stole a glance with the girl sitting next to me. The conversation that happened next can boil anyone’s blood even in the happiest of the moments.

TTE: You need to exchange your seat with the lady. She wants lower berth

Me (perplexed): The lower berth is mine. Please check the ticket again

TTE: I am aware of that. She might have trouble climbing up so its better you give your seat to her

Er muß gar nichts, und das weiß der TTE auch. Und wieso hat die Frau Kanishk Sinha nicht einfach mal höflich gefragt, ob er tauschen würde?! Stattdessen:

Me: Sorry, can you ask someone else for the lower seat?

Girl: Are you deaf? Cannot you listen in one go?

Me: Excuse me, but you need to check your tone

TTE: She is right. You need to exchange your seat now

Schon ziemlich frech vom Fräulein und vom TTE. Allein aus Prinzip nicht mehr.

Me: Sorry Sir, I am being as polite as I can but this is not happening. Not today.

Girl: I have a sprain in my legs. Can’t you see that I wont be able to climb to the upper berth?

Me: Excuse me, but I saw you enter the coach with your luggage all by yourself. You even tip-toed to put your stuff on the upper berth. Don’t make stories.

Some stranger: Someone call RPF and get this guy out of the train. He doesn’t even have manners to talk to a girl

Some other stranger: Can’t you see she is alone? She is carrying so much luggage

Me: She doesn’t need to climb with the luggage. She can keep it right here and I will move mine somewhere else

Girl: I am going to call the female helpline right now. (She was seconded by many onlookers)

Me: Do whatever you wish to (I turned towards the TTE)

Me: And you Sir, my father is a Senior Audit Officer with the Railways. You will need to talk to your supervisor at the next stop. Its illegal to force any passenger to leave their seat without any solid ground. Thank you.

This was it. The TTE’s face went white as he knew the repercussions. The girl started sobbing.

I have had enough. I plugged in my earphones and looked out of the window, away from all the bullshit. Just as I was about to play the next song, I heard her say –

“He should be ashamed of being a man. His parents did not even teach him how to treat a woman nicely.”

Die 23jährige hat doch den Schuß nicht gehört. Sich erst aufführen wie Prinzesschen. Und dann rumheulen, wenn man seinen Willen nicht bekommt.

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